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The team - Kamae Conseil
Discover our team made of professionals who are attentive to all of your needs
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The team


Once the program that matches your needs has been approved, the success of the project will depend on the ability of our consultant to deliver straightforward content and communicate it in an energetic, passionate and inspiring way to the participants.

This is the basis on which Kamae Consulting has slowly built its team.

Each consultant brings their experience acquired in businesses where they occupied functional or operational managerial positions, or may offer unconventional approaches from their professional practice of martial arts, music, stage directing or acting.

Accredited for the most part in both « Professional training » and « Coaching », our consultants have expanded their range of tools to create the most efficient programs (profile DISC Success Insights, NLP, Enneagram, …) to live through each intervention a real moment of personal and professional development.


Founder – Associate director / Management

Consultants Emea
Consultants Apac

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