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SMCP rethinks their local management with Kamae Conseil - Kamae Conseil
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SMCP rethinks their local management with Kamae Conseil

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With over 700 points of sales throughout Europe, China, Canada and the United States, the SMCP group (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot) represents a true French success story.

From 1984, its founders and current co-directors managed the “tour de force” of creating three creative, elegant and inspired fashion brands brought together around a same objective: bringing luxury ready-to-wear to the mass-market.

This very reactive group is constantly working on finding means to adapt to their current circumstances in the best way possible while anticipating future stakes. One such mean they identified consists in reinforcing their local managers’ roles: SMCP has entrusted Kamae Conseil with conceiving and running a seminar designed to bring together all their France and Europe Regional Managers to re-examine together the extent of their functions and allow them to embody (and pass on) at their level the values and behaviours as defined by the Executive Committee.

This new “tailor-made” partnership reinforces Kamae Conseil’s presence in the fashion and retail world.