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Our services - Kamae Conseil
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Our services

  • Management committee

  • Senior and Middle Manager

  • Sales people

  • Back Office

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Team building

  • Support the recruitment and mobility

  • Others

  • Europe

  • Asia

  • Oceania

  • Africa

  • America


Our approach to training and development extends to the whole your front and back office teams :

  • Management Committees, Executive Committees, Senior managers, middle managers and regional managers
  • In-store sales staff, field and office-based sales personnel
  • Internal trainers and coaches
  • Back office staff


Depending on the context and the aims and objectives required, we may take action in a room, on-site (using an in-ear microphone), or any other place apt to bring out and amplify your message.

In parallel to classic approaches, we have opened up our portfolio of teaching activities and methods to sophrologists, actors, opera singers, mentalists, martial arts coaches and other experts who may approach the topics under discussion in a quirky way which will enhance the sense of ownership. The various team members gained a number of certifications (DISC & WPMOT TTI / Success Insights©, Ensize©, AEC® Colour Method, Enneagramme©, NLP©, 360°©, Synergology©). This variety allows us to provide you with the right set of tools to enrich your teams’ personal and professional development.

Proposed Actions

Designing and implementing schemes to develop individual and group effectiveness

Systematically combining a technical and behavioural approach, the Kamae Consulting trainings aim at developing your staff’s individual or group professional effectiveness.
Every scheme we design stems from a genuine encounter: on the one hand, what you know about your organisation, your culture, your goals and your strategies; on the other, the experience we have of our profession, our creativity and sense of discovery as we take in your world during the process of acculturation prior to the assignment’s implementation.
Targeting the lasting acquisition of learned themes and tools, our training schemes systematically include the three pillars of effective teaching practice:

  • Develop knowledge: Providing the “right knowledge” which matches your needs, by adapting it to the messages and learning your staff are ready to assimilate.
  • Encourage will: Offering your staff our total energy and, through working on awareness and solution-building, giving them the desire to change their habits and put new skills and behaviours into effect.
  • Strengthen ability: Working with individuals or groups through a combination of reflection exercises, workshops, theoretical input and in-house or field training sessions, so that your staff feel completely confident in their ability to use their new skills.

Whether it is considered as a “Resource space” or as a “safe place to take a step back away from the daily grind”, the individual support offered by Kamae Consulting aims first and foremost to allow the people into our care to initiate a genuine process of personal and professional development, to extend their sphere of influence, and develop their standard of comfort, self-reliance and accountability.

When this support is targeted at a team, its aim is to support group performance through promoting accountability, creativity, fulfilment and individual commitment for everyone’s benefit.

Whether it is about creating team spirit, reinforcing a team’s cohesion at a significant turning point in its history, or helping a team improve its ability to generate positive energy, the team building interventions offered by Kamae Consulting aim at delivering the right balance between brainstorming, relevant learning phases and well-deserved relaxing breaks.

Sports, gastronomy, unusual settings, fun challenges, creative workshops, drama workshops, martial arts, relaxation, behavioural tools… Any support may be fair game so long as, in tune with the main focus, they help build a connection between the activity on offer and the team’s actual professional reality.

Supporting companies change and evolution processes

« Change does not fail due to foes… but due to a lack of friends!».

From this quote from Sociodynamics (human critical mass), we support along with the stakeholders the phases of minor or major change and evolution in your companies according to a four-step process:

  • Taking in the project (origin, goal, relevance)
  • Asking ourselves/you all the right questions: what predictable impact on the internal/external environment? Who will be friend, fence or foe? What stakeholders can we/you rely on as a priority and how? What specific part will management play and how to integrate that within the project? What messages should be communicated to the various interested stakeholders (employee bodies and trade unions, employees, business partners…)? What processes will need to be revisited (notably HR processes)? What are the potential or real obstacles? How to resolve them? What are the opportunities brought about by the change? How to enhance/highlight them? What will employees need to serve change voluntarily effectively and efficiently (redefining their working environment, owning the vision and meaning connected to the change, acquiring or developing associated skills and behaviours…)? What’s the project’s timeline and timing?…
  • Finding and formulating precise and relevant answers to those questions.
  • Turning those answers into concrete actions (implemented by the consultancy or other partners providing the expertise required, by coordinating the various stakeholders).
Assisting recruitment drive, one-to-one assessment, mobility and career assessments

Assessment centre, 360°, behavioural profile analyses, ad hoc interviews… Kamae Consulting has developed an approach focused on seeking the benefits not only for the corporate sponsor, but also for the individual concerned.

Starting with an objective assessment of the current situation and replacing it within the context of the future environment and needs, it is effectively about allowing the various stakeholders involved to make the best choice by making sure that, whatever the outcome of the approach, applicants or employees will remember the quality of the support they got from the company, as well as the respect and recognition they received throughout the whole process.

Obviously, the consultancy’s expertise and tools offered can only be considered as food for thought, helping decision making.

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