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Terumo France chooses Kamae Conseil to support the development of its sales team - Kamae Conseil
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Terumo France chooses Kamae Conseil to support the development of its sales team

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Ikiru (Life), Hito (People), Waza (Know-how): such are the three values guiding Japanese company Terumo since it was founded in 1921, and which allowed them to position themselves as one of the world’s leading medical devices manufacturers.

As one of the main healthcare stakeholder intent on bringing global therapeutic solutions for several demanding and cutting-edge areas (in particular cardiovascular interventions, anaesthetics and intensive care, neuroradiology and cardiothoracic surgery), Terumo is constantly seeking to anticipate its clients’ needs and develop solutions to help them gain in comfort, effectiveness and safety in their activities.

To counteract the threat of the competition over its markets, Terumo France is rethinking its organisation globally, in line with the rest of the company’s EMEA subsidiaries. This particular effort is supported by various training and coaching sessions run especially for the whole of the sales force, to allow everyone to revisit the fundamentals of the sales and marketing functions, consolidate the existing activities and gain new market shares.

Over the whole of 2015, Kamae Conseil will provide an overall package aimed at the sales teams and their management chains so they may disseminate and implement in the field the training tools developed.

This new partnership reinforces Kamae Conseil’s presence in the healthcare sector.