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Kamae Conseil | HRA Pharma works on “interpersonal effectiveness” with Kamae Conseil
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HRA Pharma works on “interpersonal effectiveness” with Kamae Conseil

 HRA logo avec baselineSince it was founded in 1996, HRA Pharma has been working towards developing new therapeutic approaches to women’s health and endocrinology. As well as being dedicated to healthcare, the laboratory is committed to a socially responsible approach and supports the UN Global Compact by incorporating its principles into their strategy, operations and culture, and in particular by supporting their teams to work towards better day-to-day living conditions.

In 2014 HRA Pharma contacted Kamae Conseil to design and run a seminar aimed at their R&D managers and focused on “reinforcing interpersonal effectiveness within teams”. Following the positive feedback received by this initial collaboration, other departments were keen to benefit from the same training adapted to their own situation. Kamae Conseil was chosen by HRA Pharma to run a new seminar for their Regulatory & Compliance department focused on reflecting and sharing. In the pipeline: interpersonal communication basics, the Success Insights model’s theoretical bases, and above all a range of practical workshops and fun training sessions aimed at reinforcing the quality of the exchanges between team members, but also with other managers and partners of the company.

This new collaboration demonstrates once again the possibilities that exist to reinforce collective effectiveness through the better understanding and acceptation of individual behaviours.